About us

Fundiciones Mecacontrol belongs to a Spanish Group Mecacontrol which specializes in designing and manufacturing of injection moulds and components made of plastic and aluminum, for automotive branch and domestic appliance. The first company from the Mecacontrol Group – Talleres Mecacontrol, was established in 1990, in Spain. At the moment the Group consists of six plants in Spain and one in Poland.

Fundiciones Mecacontrol

Fundiciones Mecacontrol is located in Polígono Industrial de Santana Motors in Linares in Spain. The plant has 3000 m2.

The siting was chosen for its well developed infrastructure and location of the city in industrial agglomeration.

Fundiciones Mecacontrol employs 50 people, specialists in industrial injection.

Our services:

  • Aluminum die casting
  • Machining of metallic elements
  • Shot peening
  • Sandblasting
  • Repair and modification of injection moulds
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the components
  • Consulting and technical support

Our products:

  • technical parts
  • components for automotive branch